Estate Rake™ Or A Back Ache!

-Turf Care Implements

Now available in 2 labor saving sizes!

ER-6 for 8 to 16 horsepower 3/4 to 4 acre yards
ER-62 for 14 to 30 horsepower 2 acre and larger

The high Quality construction and unique design of the Estate Rakes allow the flexibility to effectively cover uneven ground, while raking leaves, or trash covered areas that were formerly too large to do by hand.
Estate Rake - Turf Care Implement
    Features specific to Model ER-6
  • 4 Foot Rake Path
  • Weighs Only 88 lbs.
  • Weight Boxes to Minimize Side Sway
  • For 8 to 16 Horsepower Tow Unit
  • Perfect For Yards Up To 4 Acres
    Features specific to Model ER-62
  • 8 Foot Rake Path
  • Optional Hydraulic Lift System
  • Weighs 185 lbs.
  • For 14 to 30 Horsepower Tow Unit
  • Ideal For Yards 2 Acres And Larger
    Overall Features - Both Units:
  • Adjustable Rake Angle
  • Spring Steel Teeth
  • Folds Easily for Convenient Storage
  • Great for Under seeding Large Lawns
  • De-Thatches Lawns Without Harming Growing Grasses
  • Rakes and Under seeds Golf Courses
  • Great for Grooming Golf Course Sand Traps
  • Great for Raking and Grooming Beaches
  • Does Everything a Hand Rake Does, Except Tight Corners
  • Adjustable Height for Raking Lightly, or Penetrating for De-Thatching
  • Many Thousands In Use
Estate Rake - Turf Care Implement

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